Walnut Hill Bowl

1666 Diamond Hill Rd 
Woonsocket, RI 02895 

Children's Birthday Parties 

(up to age 12)

     We offer three different party packages here at Walnut Hill Bowl.  We offer a party hostess to assist you with all our packages.Whether you just want to come in and celebrate with 2 hours of bowling and shoes rentals, you want to have us take care of everything but the cake, or you want to splurge on a Rock & Bowl theme for your child's party, we have you covered.

     Check out all three party packages below!  We also offer a discounted rate for any adults that may want to bowl during a child's party!


Boys Invitations                                       Girls Invitations


300 Party Package - $18.99

Strike Package - $16.99

Spare Package - $14.99

Kids Birthday Party Request Form - Book Online!

For the Adults